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5 Resolutions for Your Worship Team

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I'm Matt Eaton, and my passion is helping churches and worship teams discover the culture God desires for them to cultivate. Every local church, like every community or people group, has a specific culture or way they consistently find themselves operating and accomplishing their week to week services.

I'm a worship pastor and creative/tech director at a City United Church in Massachusetts.

Browse thru this site and check out some of the articles. I hope they are a help to you.

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5 Quick Tips for Beating Acoustic Guitar Boredom
This is a niche piece for all of you worship leaders who lead from the acoustic guitar. Or just worship acoustic guitar players. Then again, I suppose that it could apply to any instrumentalist in a worship band. Or any band at all. You know something? Just never mind that initial disclaimer. This is for …
For Churches Who Are Lacking Tech Volunteers … A Solution
Ah, Mondays. A time to reflect on yesterday’s worship service(s) and review how things went. As I sit this morning on my mini-vacation in Maine, it occurred to me that we did something yesterday at my church that we haven't done in quite a while, due to COVID.
3 Levels of Weekend Worship Review: Level 2
It's Sunday afternoon, or night, or Monday morning; and you are relaxing. The weekend services (or gatherings, or whatever you call them) are over, and you finally feel like you can breathe and sit down again without having a million things flying through your head. Until ... oh yeah ... you realize that next Sunday …