5 Resolutions for Your Worship Team

As we stand on the cusp of a new year, we all find ourselves in modes of reflection and anticipation. We look back at the year behind us while looking forward to the path ahead. For a worship team, our journey is never just an individual one, but collective - a journey of faith, music, and service. 

In light of this time of year, let's set the stage for a year of growth, impact, and deeper spiritual connection. Instead of just focusing on action items or a to-do list for you to look at, I wanted to think of some big ideas, or resolutions, that could help shape our worship teams' very essence and mission.

Here are five resolutions that go beyond the ordinary, guiding us toward a year of transformative worship and service.


Our first resolution is to prioritize our personal spiritual growth. I’ve always believed that if we aren’t individually right with God, then how could we ever hope to lead His people to worship Him properly collectively?

We aim to cultivate a deeper connection with God through prayer as well as reading and meditating on His Word. 

We know this to be true, but we so often find it difficult to work on this. However, our personal journey deeply impacts our ability to lead others in musical worship.


Unity is truly at the heart of the effective worship of God. Just as a group of musicians must all be on the same page to produce a good sound, so must the worship team be unified. 

And not just musically. This type of unity must go beyond the product (the music). It must go deep. It must encompass everything we do, what we believe, and where we believe God wants to take us. 

This unity is important because we recognize that our collective efforts are far more impactful than our individual endeavors. We truly are greater than the sum of our parts. 


We’re musicians. Of course we’re never satisfied!

Seriously though, I think we can all be honest and admit that excellence in our music does enhance the worship experience. When you don’t have to focus on every single thing you’re supposed to be doing in the moment, you can focus on the lyrics - on God - in the moment. 

You can truly be in the zone. From vocal training to instrument proficiency, we must be dedicated to improving our craft for God’s glory.


Sometimes it seems that all of our hard work and preparation stops at the door of the church, doesn’t it? While we shouldn’t be looking for fame or notoriety, I know many of us have longed for lasting impact. A legacy that goes beyond what we do each weekend on stage. 

We also know that the worship of God isn’t confined to the four walls of the church. So why do we limit our thinking as though it were?

We need to become passionate about using our music and worship to reach out to our community. Every church is in its own culture and context, so this will look different for each of us. However, some good ways to get started would be events, volunteer work as a team, or leveraging technology to extend your reach beyond your physical location. 

Have you thought about recording your team and putting it up on social media or YouTube? Not so others can see how good you are. But to spread the gospel and the worship of God to your community. 


One of my favorite songs about worship (not a worship song, you’ll notice my specific language there) is “Clear the Stage” by Jimmy Needham. A recurring line throughout the song is “…oh worship is more than a song.” We all know this to be true, yet do we live that way? 

We must be committed to cultivating a culture of worship that goes beyond the stage. Worship is a lifestyle or a way of living. And we can aim to embody it in all aspects of our lives, as individuals, in our families, and as a team.

Do you communicate with your fellow worship team members even when you don’t have something church-related to talk about? Do you strive to worship God together in non-musical ways? 

Get creative with how you can create a strong worship culture that starts with your team and infects the rest of your church.

As we all enter 2024 together, I want to invite you to join me in prayer for our churches and our worship teams. Let’s step into this new year with hearts open to growth, minds ready to learn, and hands eager to serve.

Together, let’s set the stage for a year of transformative worship and service. 

Here’s to a year of growth, unity, and impactful worship!

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